Why work with a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)?

MFT’s are Specially Trained

Marriage and Family Therapists are the only behavioral health professionals who are required to complete specialized education and training in working with couples and families. Before earning an independent license in the state of Arizona, MFT’s are required to complete at least 1,500 hours of supervised direct client hours, the majority which are required to be with couples and families.

MFT’s have a Broader Lens and Neutral Approach

Whether treating an individual, a couple, or an entire family, MFT’s understand that problems are not isolated within an individual. Each one of us is a product of our past and current environments and relationships. Rather than taking sides, MFT’s are trained to view the perspective of each individual as equally valid. MFT’s provide a comprehensive approach to provide the best outcomes for longer term well-being.

MFT’s are Proven Helpers

Research has demonstrated that marriage and family therapy is effective in treating a range of mental and emotional disorders and health issues, in addition to improved relational satisfaction. Studies have also shown that clients are highly satisfied with the services provided by an MFT and the majority would recommend to friends.

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