Couples Therapy

Hi, my name is Jessica Reynoso, and I’m a Marriage & Relationship Therapist.

You may be feeling disconnected, wounded, and fighting all the time. I understand, and I’m here to help.

I help couples move past pain and conflict to build healthy, secure relationships.

If you’re ready to start healing your relationship, reach out today.

My approach to Couples Therapy

You are your partner made the decision to look for couples or marriage counseling. It can feel overwhelming, but you are ready to make things better.

It's a big step, but that's where I can help.  

As a relationship therapist in Gilbert area, I create a safe space for you to sort through the challenges. Being honest and vulnerable is key in therapy as it is in your relationship.

Together, we'll learn more about you as individuals as well as the relationship itself. Understanding each other will help you move further in the therapeutic process.

I help you better understand the ties between your thoughts, your past, and emotions. Both individuals bring a lifetime of experiences to the relationship

We'll focus on what brought you to therapy, but we'll also identify your strengths as a couple. We will build on those strengths and what works for both of you, while leaving behind what doesn't.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to start couples counseling with a relationship expert.

Couples Therapy FAQs

When should we start couples therapy?

Couples therapy can be helpful at any stage of a relationship, you do not need to be in crisis. Couples sometimes wait several months or years after problems begin before they seek help, but addressing these problems sooner usually has better outcomes. But as long as you are both present, it may not be too late to heal those wounds.

Some common signs that couples therapy or marriage counseling may be helpful:

  1. You and your partner fight often and feel stuck.

  1. You and/or your partner feel disconnected from each other.

  1. Life has changed for either or both of you and it's causing conflict or distance in the relationship.

  1. The relationship feels flat or unfulfilling.

Please note that there are many other situations or reasons to seek out couples therapy not listed here.  

Can marriage counseling be helpful if we are considering separation or divorce?

My job as a relationship therapist is not to make these decisions for you but to help you through the decision-making process. Marriage counseling may help you focus on what is important to each of you during the process, improve communication, and work through the emotions.  Please note that Cultivating Heart Counseling does not provide letters or specific documentation for any legal proceedings, but you do have the right to request your records at any time.

Can I work on relationships through individual therapy?

Yes. Sometimes an individual would like to focus on their relationship, but their partner may not be ready for couples therapy right now. Individual therapy with a marriage & family therapist may be helpful to have a safe, nonjudgmental space to explore relationships, both past and present.  Creating healthy, emotionally secure relationships that feel supported by help us to build independence and security in ourselves as individuals.

Do you work with non-monogamous relationships?

I (Jessica) am not an expert in polyamorous and consensual non-monogamous relationships and would encourage you to seek a licensed couple's therapist who is more experienced in working with these relationships due to their nuanced nature. Feel free to reach out if you have any further specific questions about who I am a best fit for.

Work with a Couples & Relationship Therapist in Gilbert, AZ

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How it works


Schedule Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation to determine if we'd like to work together. We will discuss what you are looking to accomplish through therapy and how we can help.


If we move forward and schedule an initial therapy session, you will receive a link via email to complete forms through a confidential and secure client portal prior to your first session. At the initial therapy session, we will create your initial treatment plan based on the goals you would like to work towards.


Meet weekly for ongoing sessions to work towards your goals. We will revisit and continually assess your goals and progress throughout the process.

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